Two weeks ago the world Audience was treated to the last debate between 2 Presidential candidates,President Barrack Obama and Republican Party leader, Governor Mitt Romney. This debate centred primarily on the topic, U.S. Foreign Policy,coming in the wake of two previous debates that focussed on Domestic and Economic issues facing the U.S in the past 4 years and a stage to pitch for the way forward for America.

Evident to me and I believe a host of many viewers across the world (Am yet to find out the viewership numbers) was the great level of awareness and a relatively greater understanding / grasp of matters at hand showcased by both candidates. I specifically point this out following the recent announcement in my home country, Kenya of a proposed similar event to be staged in November..(The Kenyan Elections is due March, 2013).

It has been argued that the Obama administration inherited a weak and gloomy economy from the previous administration..(administration seems to apply better in the U.S than regime – more used in Dictatorial systems such as Libya,Syria..sample,The Gadaffi regime,The Al Assad regime). However,reports from various sources indicate a general unhappiness with the American people due to fewer jobs,high cost of living and involvement of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is all left to the American people to decide who their next leader should be come 7th.November. I however took home with me the need to seriously interrogate our leaders,put them accountable and seek more of servant leadership,rather than the,I-call- the-shots leadership we are accustomed to in Kenya. The word MPigs has recently been coined in social media forum,as a way to express the frustration  and anger,Kenyans have of their current crop of leaders,who have become accustomed to seeking to financial empower themselves as opposed to delivering honest service and legislation.

To the American people,kudos to being champions of a free and accountable world. Here is to wishing that you vote and vote wisely. In Kenya,the Presidential debates will be an interesting series to watch,right from the organization,co-ordination,moderation and expression by the candidates.

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