Thailand Experience – Thai Kingdom Come Series

They call it,the Land of Smiles and why not,with a population bordering 80 Million,a majority who exhibit politeness commonly evidenced by the gentle slight bow with clasped hands on the forehead as sign of greeting and respect and with the ever lingering smile,this South-East Asian Nation is ranked as one of the top emerging economies in Asia,if not the world and forms part of the so-called Asian tiger economies. The IMF quoted the GDP/Capita of the country at $9,220 in 2012,just shy of the global average of $10,000.

Picture Exhibition,dubbed’ Very Thai’ at the Central World – October 2012

Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy headed by King IX, who has reigned since 1946!! Amazingly,the country was never colonized by any of European Nations and was originally referred to as Siam,before Adopting the name Thailand in 1949. Whilst the King is considered as the Head of State,the everyday running of Government is conducted by a Prime Minister,the most volatile of political times being between 2006 and 2009 during the Red and Yellow shirts confrontations that saw to the self-exile of the flamboyant former Prime Minister,Thaksin Shinawatra

I have been based in the Capital city Bangkok,with an estimated population of 8 Million people,for the past 4 months. The experience has been eye-opening,exciting and in some instances frustrating,especially when you realize that English,the most common language from my background,does not feature much on the top charts as the ideal / default language of both official and non-official communication.

So as part of acquainting myself with blogging,let me share with you various episodes,sights and scenes,interactions that I have encountered so far,in an attempt to describing and painting the Thai picture,in this series i have decided to call, Thai Kingdom Come

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