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I have landed in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, Kenya’s neighbor to the north. The journey was a two hour flight from Nairobi on board Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing 767-300. Having heard so much about Ethiopian  and noticing that … Continue reading

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REDISCOVERING UGANDA Here I am, 3 weeks to date in a land that once laid claim (still does) to the phrase, The Pearl of Africa. Located in the Eastern part of Africa, lying to the South of the Sudan, East … Continue reading

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Celebrating a King Birthday..Thai Kingdom Come Part 7

The 5th. of December caught me by surprise… Here I was on the ready to go to work on a Tuesday morning..I had decided to have my favourite blue jeans on,pair them up with my new brown leather shoes and … Continue reading

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..Of Charity Events in Ayutthaya..Thai Kingdom Come Part 6

The weekend is here again in the Land of smiles. I congratulate myself as I realize I have gone a whole month without indulging in the alluring Bangkok nightlife,heck i can’t remember the last Singha or Chang I took. I … Continue reading

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The Muay Thai Craze – Thai Kingdom Come Part 5

I have mentioned before, my fascination with various sport such as Soccer (Football),Basketball,Tennis,Rugby,Athletics and Boxing. What I did not know or rather was not well acquainted, is a sport with a near fanatic following,in the South East part of Asia, … Continue reading

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Discovering Wat Pho – Thai Kingdom Come Part 4

Structures at Wat Pho A significant site yet to be  covered was more inclined towards religion. Thailand is largely Buddhist and for a religion that originiated from India,I was rather curious to find out the history of Buddhism in the country. So … Continue reading

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Interesting St. Kitts

Originally posted on sethsnap:
Todd and I have visited St. Kitts a couple of times on our adventures.  The first time, we took an army truck excursion to the southern part of the island.  The second visit, we wandered around…

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The Nightlife Experience – Thai Kingdom Come Part 3

Many of my friends,while I was just about to travel to Thailand had dared me to sample the legendary Bangkok nightlife that we had so often heard about. With famed tales of lady boys and sex changes,I considered this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … Continue reading

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For a while now..ok over 3 months to be precise, I have been trying to figure out and appreciate the 7-Eleven outlets..small,stand alone shopping units that seem to be very well located as far as retail positioning is concerned… in other words,they happen to be ‘everywhere!’ 7-Eleven stores … Continue reading

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Budding Shopping Culture – Thai Kingdom Come Part 2

Not many can dispute Bangkok’s recent meteoric rise as a top shopping destination in South East Asia. This assertion can be qualified by the numerous emerging shopping centres that dot the Bangkok skyline today. Popular shopping complexes that I have managed to visit, include … Continue reading

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